Post-Brexit Collapse

Briony Greenhill
3 min readJan 3, 2023

Gah and thank you umair haque for this article.

Some excerpts:

“Dr Adrian Boyle, president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM), said hundreds of patients are dying while they wait in overpacked emergency wards. He told Times Radio: ‘We think somewhere between 300 and 500 people are dying as a consequence of delays and problems with urgent and emergency care each week.’”

“Brexit is in its own category of ruin, by a very long way.”

“The average Brit can very much see that their living standards have gone into absolute free-fall.”

“we economists estimated that Brexit would hit the economy to about 10%. That’s already happened, and it’s just barely a year and some after Brexit really went into effect. We have never, ever seen a slide like this — it can only be called a collapse.”

“The real horror story is that both sides of British politics refuse to admit Brexit was a mistake.

Let me say it again. Both sides. The Labour Party — which was once the world’s most progressive party, once its most innovative and forward-thinking political institution — now… backs Brexit. And so, of course, do the conservatives who made it their crusade. But now that I’ve put it in context for you, you should understand what that really means, and a certain sense of horror should chill you, right in the gut. What “both sides in British politics back Brexit,” at this juncture, means, is that both sides back a Great Depression, or turning Britain into a poor country, because that is what’s already happening, at light-speed, with the shocking fury and pace of an avalanche.”

“…That’s how off-the-charts right-wing Britains is made to be socioculturally, how little dissent is allowed.”

“The point of Brexit wasn’t really just to break up with the EU — it was to turn Britain into a playground for the theories of the furthest, most fanatical, most deluded reaches of the American right. Rishi Sunak isn’t a politician, really — he’s a Stanford MBA. Imagine that America was governed by…a Stanford MBA. LOL, shudder.

The vision that Britain’s leaders have is now basically an American fairy tale — a libertarian one. Sunak’s grinning — grinning — while the NHS collapses, which means people can’t get medicine, hospital beds, ambulances, and they die…because to the way of thinking of someone who’s a true believer in ultra hard American right wing economics — the kind they teach religiously at Stanford…there’s not supposed to be an NHS. There aren’t supposed to be any public goods at all.

The entire idea is that Britain should be Americanized, have an American style social contract, which is to say, not much of one. But there’s a big difference between Brits and Americans, and that’s money. America’s average income is over twice Britain’s, and that means Americans can make up for that lack of public goods. Brits? LOL. The average Brit has just $500 in their bank account. Good luck affording American style healthcare. Transport. Media. Education. Food. Anything. Hence, the insane, staggering plunge into poverty.”

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