Pat McCabe on Men, and from Power Over to Power With

Briony Greenhill
3 min readJul 14, 2021

December 2020

Here is a great Podcast episode of The Mythic Masculine with Pat McCabe interviewed by Ian MacKenzie.

They discuss the power-over paradigm, and what gender has meant in that system.

Here are some quotes and notes.

“You think you know what masculine is but you don’t, and you think you know what feminine is but you don’t. All you know is how they behave in a power over paradigm. But if you were to take those same energetics and plug them into an entirely different paradigm, they would behave in an entirely different way.” Pat McCabe on what her spirit guides tell her.

“Ok so this is a power-over paradigm. I always see it in the form of a pyramid. All the fruits of the labour (and natural resources) from the lower parts of the pyramid are continuously flowing up to the top, so that’s our dynamic we’ve been looking at about the 1% etc.. At first it was really screwing over people who couldn’t even get in the paradigm; brown people, women, people who didn’t speak English. It’s gradually been creeping up the paradigm to affect more and more and more people until, you know, the white Euro descent male is finding themselves in a very difficult position. And so suddenly, we have everybody’s attention.”

“Right now your species is being asked to birth itself anew. How are you going to do that with this wound at the core of your procreative ability?

“One of the most prominent features of the masculine is their Eros. I’m going to open to the possibility that this must be a huge part of their thriving life design, therefore it is not to be villanised. There has to be a way for the entire community — children, elders, everybody — to uphold and have appreciation for that aspect of masculinity. How do we move into that?

“I Call myself holy earth surface Walker, life bringer life bearer. And I stand with the authority of the heart of Mother Earth. I am fully authorised in every circumstance to speak on behalf of Life and to ask if we are placing Life at the centre, with any action that is proposed.”

“Nothing has ever been more effective or longer running than the illusion of separation between men and women, between the masculine and feminine, between male and female. That one has been the best one of all.”

To men’s nation I say I love you, I love you. You are sacred. You are sacred beings. You are made with such care, your mind, your heart, your body, your spirit. Nothing is a mistake there.

This earth receives you with all of her heart, with all of her goodness, abundance and clarity, the same way that she receives me, the female of our kind.

You have a perfect design for thriving life, to make life thrive, to cause all of the feminine seeds to flourish.

I pray for you to be powerful, and I ask that you use all of that power, all of that strength that you hold, and place and direct it in support of thriving life here on this Mother Earth. And if you will do that, then I know that I will have nothing to fear. Our world will change.”

The sacred architects

The architects of the dream

Sacred fire tender

Banks of the river — she is the river

Protect and provide — an intense thing to lay onto men in the current picture

The waker of the dreaming egg

The men carry a sacred fire that ensures that life is going to move forward.

A thriving life paradigm



Briony Greenhill

Briony Greenhill is a folk-soul improvisational artist who teaches Collaborative Vocal Improvisation (CVI); formerly a researcher with a 1st in politics.