Continuum Movement Guided Practice Recordings list

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It’s time for me to do Continuum Movement — a subtle approach to deep self-care created by Emilie Conrad; it supports rest and physical softening; a deeply meditative practice, great if you are injured or have restricted movement, for example if you are 8.5 months pregnant…..

I spent several hours yesterday sourcing recordings and I didn’t find it very easy, so I thought I would compile my findings here so it’s easier for others.

  1. Continuum Movement HQ — seems to be the central org. Here are the online classes, several from Emilie herself:

2. Cherionna Menzam-Sills courses

3. Cass Phelps courses

4. Core Awareness — Continuum inspired pelvic care online guided practices



Briony Greenhill

Briony Greenhill is a folk-soul improvisational artist who teaches Collaborative Vocal Improvisation (CVI); formerly a researcher with a 1st in politics.